Thursday, January 10, 2013

Les Miserables for Oscar??

Les Miserables for Oscar?? I guess it's for the technical innovation (recorded live singing as the film was shot) not the actual pelicula. Better yet,  I would too give Jackman a sweet Oscar wink for his white unbuttoned shirt and those Wolverine pecs...After the first 1,5 hours, with every change of scenes and characters, I was praying in my head and sometimes even whispered in sheer exasperation to the amusement of my friend next to me: "Please don't start singing, please, please!...Oh, no, here they go again..." After 2 hours, I was telling myself: "Stop bragging! Can you please just enjoy this?!" - like you would say at a Thanksgiving dinner where the worst of your relatives got invited, and you try to savor the turkey while eliminating all the noise around you, action that requires a fat effort wrapped in many layers of politeness. And, sometimes, you see a friendly face, and it becomes bearable again.

Can't but just feel that if one doesn't like Les Mis, he/she will be an outcast, pointed at, criticized for his/her lack of fanciness. "But I like the opera... that should count for something.... I mean, I appreciate virtuoso singing, 5 minutes worth of melismas...You know, syllables sung over a variety of long notes... And they never leave me exhausted..." Well, almost never, and maybe because they have 2 to 3 intermissions. Et cetera, et cetera.  And so on, and so forth.
I know, I know, all over the world, Les Mis got people's ovations, tears, and applause. I can only be happy for them, for they won those minutes, while I am the only loser for feeling...miserable.

  • Helena Bonham Carter - but I am a huge fan, regardless
  • "Can you hear the people sing?" - the only time when I felt like: Okay, this is not all in vain. Give me a flag and let's march! Happily, it was at the end - Sooo, the dinner was so-and-so, my dear, but we mustn't leave before the  desert! I heard that c'est magnifique!
  • Hathaway's  I Dreamed a Dream - extreme close-out. Though I could not stop looking at and, more sickening, in her mouth, asking myself how did they make that missing tooth so real? Wait, is that a real hole? Amazing! (both Anne and her missing tooth)

I was surprised to find myself looking at characters' teeth a lot. It is hard not to fix your sight on them since there are so many close-ups... (And the Oscar should go to:) I really think that the make-up artists did a great job at depicting extreme poverty through yellow teeth and dark skin spots.