Friday, January 25, 2013

You will know more about

You will know more about plutonium and uranium than about the milk in your your morning coffee. About WMD’s: nukes, chemical, biological. Okay…not All… but I will drag you into the chemistry and physics of it. You will understand how hard is to control vertical and horizontal proliferation. North Korea and Iran. Israel. US. You will read into treaties and agreements. You’re not in a physics phd program, but you’ll know more than you should know. However, do not ask me about the technical developments of the last couple of years - I would be arrested for divulging them publicly …
Amazing professor. As a seismologist in the mid 1900s, he counted 1 nuclear testing per week. He was hooked.
You should research how US discovered that Soviets have nukes. No, it was not info leakage and it was not a supper spy productiveness at its best. It was I-fucking-love-science kind of result. Fascinating! (tip: The World Spins)
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