Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cristina Recommends

screen capture from Shanghai Express (1932)

 Latest muse - Best lines:

It took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily"

After writing a paper from 6pm to 12pm continuously (this film being one of my research material, which resulted into whole passages forever tattooed in my memory - not at all a complaint, on the contrary -
"Because you touched me, Doc."):

- paradoxically your brain, though wired, is dysfunctional - like you are on drugs, I imagine;
- shower and after-shower routine, followed with automatic precision for years, becomes problematic: which cream comes first & what tools do I need to brush my teeth  kind of dilemmas;
- you don't notice the street borders;
- interactions are harder to rationalize;
- signals are confusing;

But the joy produced by a successfully executed task makes the effort worthy.

The happiness of making little discoveries, like decoding a theory that troubles you.  

The result, aside from claiming "the most original enumeration of ideas grouped together" with the pompousness of the wittiest film critique or, more broadly, of a discoverer of the World, is feeling that the only thing closer to perfection than this ♫♫♫♪♪♫ is the way I dance on it  - Period!

And these are just a few signs of acute fatigue....

But do watch Shanghai Express (1932) - It is an amazing piece of art and a great insight to E-W foreign relationships at that time. Plus, Marlene Dietrich is the most fascinating presence. She is also the only person on the Planet that manages to make the thick German accent not only bearable, but sexy as hell...

"I would have done it for anybody, Doc"....