Friday, February 8, 2013

The chain reaction - full explanation

Anda & me - Photo by Timea
…In essence, the design consists of a trigger that fires one body of matter at another, thus creating a super-critical mass. A crucial requirement was that the pieces be brought together in a time shorter than the time between spontaneous fissions. Once the two pieces are brought together, a burst of [neurons] is registered and the chain reaction begins, continuing until the energy released becomes [hot]. By the standards of a modern [mechanism], this would have to be regarded as a very dangerous design — because of the possibility that something could cause the conventional charge to ignite prematurely (perhaps, en route). If that happened, it would have been difficult to avoid an immediate explosion (we experienced that, remember? - how was it possible?!?). However, even if it came with a risky design, it did not, eventually, after years of maturity, deliver an explosion, but beautiful fireworks.

They have both been discovered on pretty days of October 12, separate years (the Meet_ME ->NYC invitation is open)  Help me translate this in Hungarian, so the 3rd Plutonium element (altogether chemically different - Maghiar constitution) won’t feel left out.I will miss you this summer.