Friday, March 29, 2013

Historical clashes: Alfred vs Billy

Since same sex marriage is such a hot topic - 

Biologist, zoologist, and later on sexologist, Alfred Kinsey was a bow tie fanatic. Unless you are a stripper (of any gender), a rap singer (except from Chris something, the one that physically fights female singers) or Bond, James, of course, a polka dots papillon (because bow tie sounds really disgusting) when coupled with a light olive jacket doesn't scream sex (connoisseur, tactician, authority, practician, animal, you name it). The opposite.

But Kinsey was the best at his job. People just felt good around him. So good that they kept no secrets,  being they real, and sometimes illegal, or objects of fantasies and subjects of fetishes, so open that he would have made Oprah jealous: masturbation! adultery! perversity...ok...we are talking about the '50s in the US, where homosexuals were communists, or communists were homosexuals - egg chicken kind of issue I imagine, so I don't know which therm vilifies which - unmarried women were expected to have sinless bodies, and sex was very much a tabu topic. But Alfred did not judge. He took notes and drew conclusions. Openly arguing (or admitting, better framed) that American  men and women?!? enjoy all types of non-procreational intercourse was erroneous, outrageous, and plain dangerous - and not because they rime.

In 1952 Kinsey* released his Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (following the Sexual Behavior in the Human Male) report to overwhelming controversy. Billy Graham, a well known preacher at the time, weighed in with the booklet The Bible and Dr. Kinsey, opening with this quick and clear condemnation:

"Nearly every magazine and newspaper has carried a review of Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s newest book. He has used over eight hundred pages to give the most intimate details of the private lives of 5,940 women. No details are spared. It is impossible to estimate the damage this book will do to the already deteriorating morals of America.
The moral laws governing marriage have been scorned and immorality advocated. Young people are encouraged to have pre-marital experiences.
Happily married husbands and wives are going to start suspecting each other when they read that one out of every four wives is unfaithful to her husband. Doctor Kinsey’s report shows itself to be completely lopsided and unscientific when it says that seven out of ten women who had pre-marital affairs had no regrets. He certainly could not have interviewed any of the millions of born-again Christian women in this country who put the highest price on virtue, decency and modesty." The Bible and Dr. Kinsey

Eventually I don't know what was worse for Godly Mr Billy Granham: to be a libertine (mrs.) or a homosexual (mr.), but I'd bet my $$$ on the first...

* The fine print: Kinsey revealed** that over 90 per cent of the men interviewed had masturbated, 85 per cent had had premarital coitus, around 40 per cent had engaged in extramarital affairs, almost as many had had some homosexual experience - and so on, down to the 17 per cent of farm-hands who had buggered livestock. More than 95 per cent had had sexual "outlets" which were immoral or illegal.

** "revealed" -  a stretch, since his studies were poorly conducted