Monday, March 4, 2013

J Meyerowitz - Street Photographer

Joel Meyerowitz @ 91st&Broadway, CC photo 

I've met Joel Meyerowitz one early morning while I was using for the first time a film camera, an old Canon 35mm I bought from B&H at an outrageous price. I approached him and his old time friend, apologizing for interrupting their breakfast at my favorite outside place, and asked if I can take some photos. They smiled with double meaning. Mr Meyerowitz started playing with the napkin. Waved it above his head, sometimes looked directly into the camera, sometimes pretending that I am not there. "It's nice that you asked for permission, most street photographers don't do that." His friend burst into laughter (later on I found out that he was referring to himself - I had no idea at that point who he is) He gave me camera tips, taught me about shutter-speed and aperture. By that time I knew I am talking with a photographer. I did not know the caliber. I googled his name two hours later and wrote him in disbelief that his offering to look at my photos was not just some politesse.  A few world known artists will take the time to reply back. But he did.

Dear Cristina,

When someone says to you, come, show me what you make, you must believe that they mean what they say. It's the gift that passes between some people. You were -and are, no doubt - that earnest, sweet person whom me and friend met,  played with for a few brief moments one warm, lazy morning[...]Some day if you are still here you will call and come by to show what you are thinking about with your camera eye.

Until then I wish you the best of the new year's offerings.