Monday, April 29, 2013

Outside PJs

You can Skip the Intro...

I ran out of ideas curiously in the one place I know for sure satisfies any "statement" fashion-cravings, while it allows you to be fashion a-seasonal (influence-free) and come up, instead, with your own fashion wit.

I did not find that unique pair of trousers/scarf/light jacket/t-shirt you can wear anytime anyplace; that piece which thrown on/next to anything see-thru will upgrade your look from that of a random, unimpressive, and chilling upperwestsider having brunch at the new restaurant vis-a-vis your apartment to "where are the rooftops?"; that versatile little thing which (you foolishly tell yourself) "is timeless", plus "it is labeled hand-wash!" (a opposed to dry-cleaning); that piece which, in fact, will end up in the back of you closet along with all the other "IT" pieces...

Frustration doesn't send me home. Not if I'm up to something.

After 4 more hours, partially spent in the fitting room and the big bunch trying to get from WTC to the Upper Est Side bank-breaker**, I was the happy possessor of a black, parallelepiped, large, paper bag full of: one pair of ripped off jeans and 1/2 of pajamas (bottom half.)
The first item is pretty straight foreword. There is nothing fascinating about jeans except when they have some other fabric insertions. Even then, if they are 40% jeans and 60% whatever, I'll still call them jeans.

....And Start from Here:

The 2nd item:
"Oh, you bought pajamas! They are cute!", he said. Upon seeing my frowning face, the same reaction your kid will have after she proudly exhibited on the fridge door her latest masterpiece (watercolor on over 30% recycled, letter size paper): the portray of her stuffed bunny, and you confidently (and stupidly) exclaimed: "darling, that is a very nice pink dinosaur!"... my male friend understood that something about his statement was wrong and hard to forgive&forget, and continued with poor attempts of hiding his confusion: "Oh, they are not pajamas? Are you gonna wear them outside?"

True, most men don't get our fashion, and can we blame them?! They might not understand the difference between two pairs of black ballerina flats and they might not understand the fine distinction between two shades of cream, but when they see you wearing PJs with high hills, unless there is some love-making involved, they are 110 percent sure that you need a head doctor.

However, I did not try to explain him how something that looks like PJs (print) and feel like PJs (silk) are...well...not PJs...


1. The nice thing about silk trousers is that they feel breezy during the day but keep you protected from night's chill.
2. They go with anything: flats/high hills, blazers/blouses/thank-tops.
3. You can eat that desert and nobody will notice (at least not immediately.)
4. They are the opposite of high maintenance; BUT, you can add a lot of drama if you want to.
5. And, yes, you can sleep in them, too.

**Not only a WTC-WES commute, but also a long walk from "outside trends" to "I am only human"...