Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring retreat

The truth is that there is a lot to deal with.
The nature is too loud too early in the morning, the room is too sunny, we have to open our own beers... Enigmas like how many calories will you burn by turning the page?, how often do you have to mow the grass? might give you a heart attack.

Plus a million things that can go wrong: the shade moves, a little fly might take delight in your apple cider, the deers might again eat the flowers.

The chatty geese called Foie, Grass, and Pate plus two other friends, were a recurrent discussion theme. Oh, yeah, and I am wearing my all times favorite bathing suit, the one that covers all the mid-dorsal (read: butt), a piece that will assure you of a bad tan: practically half of your body (because I have short legs) will be white and half will be touched by the sun (read: red - bad tanning genes...). If you think that the worse thing that can happen after a day at the [beach/pool/etc] is a white butt, think again. The full white belly tops that in an uncomplimentary way. I know.

In the little town call Hudson everybody shares the great responsibility of being "the best", so that you have the best french toast, the best brunch place, the best steak, the best ice cream, the best pastry (call me for that) - It's not so hard when everything is done with good local ingredients that haven't been spoiled by global mass production.

Hudson is just one large street full left and right with restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. The antiques are overpriced. The food - I got the feeling that there are only two possibilities: eating expensive(-ish) and good or cheap and good.

It is impossible to leave the city without chewing on something that your tongue will always remember.