Tuesday, May 21, 2013

when old touches new, it is the new that becomes old

Look at the grays and the 'lovely milky quality' - This has nothing to do with the film.
It's all in the camera, a vintage Leica which belonged to the photographer's grandfather (a government employee who, in his later days, wrote a memoir about being a civil servant - writing a book per generation is a tradition still followed by the men of the family. "Have you read it?", I asked his nephew. "Hell no. It's boring!....I know he smoked a lot, he liked golf and scotch." That might have been a better memoir...) 

Probably all the photos it produces will look like coming from the '50s. In a photograph, ones doesn't look for sharpness, precision, color faithfulness, or a set of rules; in a photograph, one should look for a story. If the story is not there, all the mastery and technique are in vain.

Photographer: Oshima - ' Test roll b&w USO 400, on Grandfather's Leica IIIf '  

With Rob, Ellen, and Cristina