Thursday, June 20, 2013

I love Wal-Mart

10 reasons for which I love Walmart:
5 reasons for which I love Walmart:
2 reasons for which  I love Walmart:
1 reason for which I love Walmart:...

"Last night you talked about Walmart. This morning you talked about Walmart. Can I please end my evening in a more pleasant way?!" or, simply, "You lost me at Walmart"
Yeah, Walmart is my new obsession, and it seems that the tons of literature, documentaries (an admittedly one-sided Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Prices, for example), and countless hours of news reports, are not enough to empathize how evil this company is. I am not going to tell you all about it. Lesson learned yesterday, people don't really care, except on Black Fridays when they kill each other for that camera on sale (i.e. for the wrong reasons.) So what if they are killing small businesses, so what if their employees are living on welfare, so what if they keep the prices low by slaving less regulated, less protective of worker's rights and respectful of people's dignity, in general, developing countries. So what if their profits are made with the help of the American people which are paying for its employees health insurance. So what if they bully their own, they don't give equal opportunities, they discriminate based on race and gender. In a capitalist world, people cheap toilet paper is what matters, no matter what's the real cost of production.

I know, I know, most activists, boycott-ers & buycott-ers, are boring and don't make good cocktail conversation...

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