Friday, November 15, 2013

something that you did not know (kudos if you did), and will not change your life. at all.

Two dudes, strangely looking like brothers in their 40s, from the same mom and dad, but not even remotely related. They are French ambassadors, one belonging to the Court, the other to the Catholic Church, playing with the various toys on the table, hanging around as if posing. You'd say that the modern art is too intellectual; try figuring out what's going on in Italian and Northen Renaissance paintings. Aside for the fact that there is a scull in the bottom middle, momento mori was a must (which you will recognize only if you move your head to the upper right side of you screen, more, more, a little bit more), Holbein Jr, Jr being the 1500s for 'the younger' - how fun is that? fun! - filled his painting with social comments. It is supposed to show the brake between the protestants and the catholics, but you do not see that, do you? Can't blame.

Hint 1: Lute 
Hint 2: marked in red

 Hint 3: closer and put on some magnifying glasses.

Yes, one string of the lute is broken, which symbolizes the disharmony between the two religious sides. Imagine that...

Thank me later. I mean it.