Thursday, December 19, 2013

Virtual Drawing - The search for THE App has ended

I thought that nothing can top the remote control app, instagram, or uber, but boy does this keep me procrastinating on the couch. No more charcoal in my ear (oh yeah, that happens every time...), no more paint drops on the floor, and no more back or arm pain. The dubbed pencil and virtual paper come with endless possibilities and it transforms the mediocre sketcher into a full artist. It doest the simplest task, writes directly on your iPad. Easy and forgetful of mistakes, it feels natural and organic, which is what you need when expressing yourself in an artistic way. It has features like palm rejection, build in eraser, and hands-on blending (meaning that the paper app can determine the difference between your finger and the stylus), and you can make your own palette of colors. Check it out
These are my first experiments so don't be harsh on me (Not life models. I drew bodies from Robert Hale's book. Click on his name, an amazing artist)

Thumbs up & down:
 -Unlike on a canvas, the 'paint' doesn't dry out. That means that nothing is final. You cannot add layers in top of payers and, although you can zoom in, I still did not figure out how to work on little details - see girl portrait. Her face will forever be blurry. Same for Jesus'. I would have loved a pre-save option, so you can add tiny details without changing, or risking to mess up, what you've done so far.
-The paintbrush, though has a faint look and you can reach the softest highlights and darkest darks, does a bad job in imitating brushstrokes (paintbrush used for the background of woman nude bellow.) However, the pencil tool is great (visible on Jesus's knees.)
-Missing the virtual charcoal. So far it has marker, fountain pen (highlights on Jesus), ballpoint (male nude), pencil (which, unfortunately cannot be changed from soft to hard for more drama), and paintbrush (one size fits all...)
-You can mix up to two colors, but it has a variety, and you can create your own tones.
-The virtual pencil is fairly inexpensive and easy to use
-There is just one type of virtual paper. You can change its color, but not the texture. Oh well, not so bad for what it promises. For a fuller experience, one must go back to the canvas...
-Big big  --->  you cannot import photos of your girlfriends so you can apply a big, thick, black, hairy mustache...